How can I improve my technical access to the CB21 eConference?

Best browsers

Zoom and Discord will work better on Chrome or Firefox web browsers, so you may find it helps to download one of these beforehand the eConference so you are ready for the first session.

A Good Connection

The quality of your experience will come down to your own internet connection.

Having a strong wireless network connection or a wired network connection (Ethernet) is needed to get the most reliable connection.

WIFI Connection

Use your computer as close to the wireless router as you can to ensure a good WIFI connection.

Wired (Ethernet) Connection

A wired (Ethernet) connection will always give a more reliable (better) connection than a wireless one.

To connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable both your computer and modem will need to have Ethernet ports:

They are normally labelled with this symbol:

Every router normally comes with a short Ethernet cable, however if you can’t find it or the one you have is not long enough you can buy one from Amazon or Argos.   This is what an Ethernet cable looks like:

Camera and Microphone

Please make sure you have an inbuilt camera and microphone on your PC or Laptop. If you do not, then purchase an external camera to sit on top of your monitor.


Headphones are advised for best audio and any videos.


If your screen ‘freezes’, your best options are:

  • stop any other downloading or playing of other internet programs at the same time as the session
  • reload your internet tab and re-click into the link
  • restart your computer and re-click into the link
  • check your modem is working

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