Call for Papers: CB23

Deadline for submissions: Monday 1st 31st May 2023
Deadline extended!

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Creative Bridges is an online interdisciplinary conference drawing on the professional and personal experiences of researchers, practitioners, and participants across a range of disciplines such as literature, counselling & psychotherapy, neuropsychology, medicine, and social sciences, among others. This conference provides an opportunity to showcase relevant research and practice, and assess the current picture of the field of writing for wellbeing and creative writing for therapeutic purposes (CWTP).

Although we welcome papers, presentations, workshops, panel discussions and other suggestions we do not exclude other good ideas that will make this conference memorable and enjoyable. We encourage participants to take risks with innovative and creative offerings, including those who are working across art forms, i.e. words and music, art and poetry, indeed everything that might inspire new practices and research. We are interested to hear from people reflecting on and investigating contemporary issues around de-colonising and race.

We offer below a few suggestions for topics to spark your thinking:

  1. Human problems –
    • With use of foodbanks increasing, worker dissatisfaction rising, and polarised attitudes and opinions, how can we hold a space for survival and support for practitioners and clients?
  2. Existential threats –
    • How do existential threats colour our practice, and what can we do to help protect ourselves and our clients in the face of climate anxiety, pandemic, and war?
  3. Humour –
    • Whether through the use of language in practice, or developing skills and techniques from areas such stand-up comedy, what are the uses of humour in writing for wellbeing/CWTP and what are the challenges to developing them?
  4. Developing our knowledge of the field –
    • What do we mean when we talk about knowledge in relation to writing for wellbeing/CWTP?
    • What new understandings can we imagine about where that knowledge comes from and how it is created and shared
    • How can the relationality, subjectivity, creativity, and therapy of CWTP be represented in aspects of research?
  5. Working in digital spaces and getting back in the room–
    • What new experiences, issues and benefits has the move to greater online work brought, and what fears and learnings will we bring back with us into the room? Examples may be ethical issues, relationship building, communication styles, and new writing techniques
  6. Reflective practice/supportive systems –
    • Innovations and long-held wisdom in how to create ethically sound safe spaces to nurture and protect ourselves, individually and as a practitioner group/profession

We are looking for:

Paper presentations – 30 minutes with a further 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Workshops: of 1 hour and 15 minutes duration, with a clear interactive element within the timeframe.

Panels: 1 hour and 20 minutes. Panel submission should be sent by the proposer and include the names of suggested panel members.  This is an opportunity to bring together a group of people who have a common interests or diverse ideas on a particular topic.

Further Information

CB23 is an online conference which will be run through Zoom.

Presenters have the opportunity to present their work live via Zoom or pre-recorded via YouTube.

Please take the following into consideration before submitting your abstract.

  • Please submit your application before the 31st May 2023 using the form located here.
  • We use a “rolling review” process and attempt to review abstracts and provide presenters feedback/outcome of the review as soon as possible.
  • The programme will be finalised by the end of June 2023
  • We encourage all who present at the conference to consider writing up their presentation as a paper submission for LIRIC research journal (more information at )
  • All presenters are required to register for the conference before being included in the final programme.

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