The Creative Bridges International Conferences are hosted by Lapidus International. 

The conferences bring together the varied experiences of researchers, practitioners and participants from around the world to explore and expand the diversity of Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) where words and wellness meet.

Drawing from a range of disciplines (literature, counselling & psychotherapy, neuropsychology, medicine, emotional geography, socio-spiritual approaches and more),  the Creative Bridges conferences  showcase relevant research and practice, assess the current picture of the international field and find inspiring and robust ways to bring CWTP research and practice to our diverse communities across the globe.

The 2017 – 2019 Creative Bridges conferences were a collaborative effort between Lapidus International and the Metanoia Institute. Lapidus International is grateful for the support of the Metanoia Institute over these years.

About Lapidus International

Lapidus International promotes practice and research in writing and wellbeing . Lapidus International supports its members, many of whom are researchers and/or practitioners working in education, health, community, voluntary, private and public sectors, by sharing information, holding events and creating networks through its international, country and regional groups.

Lapidus International welcomes anyone with an interest in where words and wellness meet, whether professional or personal. The organisation has members throughout the world.  Find out more about Lapidus International HERE.

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